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Our expertise in the GIS domain is one of the core competencies of SBL.

SBL GIS Division can deliver a wide range of services in Geo Spatial area which will help you in managing and implementing successful geospatial data and applications. SBL has vast experience in implementing GIS applications using various open source GIS tools and proprietary tools.
GIS Services
Image Geo-rectification / Geo-referencing
Map / document and photogrammetric scanning
GIS data entry / capture - graphical and textual
Digitization/ Vectorization
Feature Extraction
GIS Mapping services for Environmental Studies, Urban/Local area Planning, Land Use Management, Protected Area Management, Water Modeling / Management, Agricultural Planning, Transportation Planning, Cadastral & Topographic mapping, Parcel & utility mapping and Census Mapping
Map Production
GIS database creation, Data integration and Data Format Conversion
Spatial Statistics
Geo-coding of databases
Network analysis
Spatial Analysis and Modeling
Photogrammetric Services
Aerial triangulation / Stereo Orientation
Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM generation)
Contour Mapping (Digital Elevation Models -DEM)
Ortho-rectification / Orthophoto creation
Mosaicing and tiling
Image Photo-Interpretation: visual classification
Mosaicing and tiling
Satellite Imagery Manipulation, Interpretation and Classification
CAD Services
Cad to GIS Translation
GIS to CAD Translation
Hardcopy to Digital (CAD or GIS) Conversion
CAD fromat Conversion
CAD Vectorization
  Software Development
  Web Solutions
  Image Processing
  Data Conversion and Processing
  Business Transcription
  Document Management
  Real Estate
  Back office
  Knowledge Process
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