Home Outsourcing Real Estate
Today’s real estate environment has become so demanding that the property managers, homebuilders, real estate developers, and construction contractors are facing a myriad of internal and external challenges. SBL Real Estate Outsourcing Services can help you with cost effective ways to address these challenges. Our services enable you to be better focused on solving problems that increase your organizations profit margins while we take care of the back office and administrative burdens.
Some of the issues our services can help you resolve:
  • Demands by outside investors and/or vendors requiring detailed and extensive monthly or quarterly financial reporting
  • Explosive growth forcing owners to rely on financial reports to verify that they are making money vs. having a cut fee line
  • Concerns about increasing overhead costs, including
  • * Outside computer hardware consultants
    * Outside software customization consultants
    * Finance &s accounting department staffing
  • Special projects that require a ramp-up of overhead personnel costs for a finite period of time